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Getting my house reprinted and the painters pushed all my shit into a huge pile and my laundry is on my dresser because I never put away my clean laundry and I’m sleeping on the living room couch and i currently don’t have my own room and all of my small chords and chapstick and specks of dust are all over everywhere and I will never be able to put it back perfectly and I have a headache from the paint fumes and im so overwhelmed by not having a workspace and not having quiet and dreading having to write a paper on Machiavelli in that situation this weekend fuck everything OCD and wanting to die

— 21 hours ago

STFU and leave me alone I fucking hate you dad. You are a sexist, narcissistic, selfish pig and I have no idea why mom married you honestly you should get divorced so I never have to see you. Fuck you yelling and trying to be the dominant male head of the family isn’t cool!! This isn’t the 50s!!!!

— 21 hours ago

tbt to when 100 was the biggest number we could think of

— 23 hours ago